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Winter Cruise Destinations: Set Sail for Warmer Weather

Once the temperature starts dropping, some people hop on a cruise for a relaxing escape to sun and sand in popular destinations such as the Caribbean and Bahamas. Others sail on exotic adventures to the Southern Hemisphere (including Australia, New Zealand, southern parts of Africa and most of South America), where our winter is their summer.

Short cruises give you a nice break from snow and cold temperatures. Longer itineraries let you escape the winter blues for several weeks, a month or more. On multi-month World Cruises you can avoid winter altogether as you head to "Bucket List" destinations around the world.

11 Fall Vacations You Never Thought Of

Summer's over. The grandkids are off the beaches and back in school--and life's a little more peaceful. Maybe it's time to plan a different kind of fall vacation.

Go Storm Watching on British Columbia's Vancouver Island

Storms that pack a real wallop begin to descend on Vancouver Island in November. Local inns and restaurants on the West Coast have turned the natural spectacle into a tourist attraction, offering special deals to come snuggle up to watch the show with a blanket or a glass of wine. Book a room at the Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino, a hotel designed specifically to take in the best views of the storms.

6 People You're Supposed to Tip While Traveling Abroad

Expert travelers know to check up on local tipping customs before they head abroad. It’s good to know, for instance, that waiters in Germany appreciate a 5 to 10 percent tip delivered by hand, while luggage porters in Israel should get 6 shekels (around $1.55 USD) per bag. If you’re in Hong Kong, make sure to round up to the nearest dollar on your cab ride. And if you’re dining out in Japan, don’t tip under any circumstances—unless offending a Japanese waiter is part of your itinerary.