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6 People You're Supposed to Tip While Traveling Abroad

Expert travelers know to check up on local tipping customs before they head abroad. It’s good to know, for instance, that waiters in Germany appreciate a 5 to 10 percent tip delivered by hand, while luggage porters in Israel should get 6 shekels (around $1.55 USD) per bag. If you’re in Hong Kong, make sure to round up to the nearest dollar on your cab ride. And if you’re dining out in Japan, don’t tip under any circumstances—unless offending a Japanese waiter is part of your itinerary.

22 Do's and Don'ts for Your First Day Onboard a Cruise Ship

Long-time cruisers often have an embarkation day routine. Some make a beeline for the atrium or poolside bar, while others head to the buffet. Some like to explore the ship, posting photos online to make Facebook and Twitter friends jealous. Others meticulously spray down their cabins with Lysol, start popping seasickness medicines and unpack all their belongings into their proper places.

If you're a first-timer or haven't settled into a familiar cruise routine, here's a list of embarkation day do's and don'ts, culled from our many years cruising, as well as input from Cruise Critic's Facebook fans. 

5 Best Summer Cruises

It's summer, and you're ready for a nice long vacation. You can choose a popular summer cruise to the Bahamas or the Caribbean, but just watch out for hordes of kids and pesky hurricanes. The Mediterranean might call, but you'll be fighting the heat and the crowds of European and international vacationers.

Don't fear; there are other destinations that are best experienced mid-June through mid-September. Here are our picks for the five best summer cruises.

1. Alaska

25 Crazy Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations Across The Globe

Weddings are special, and honeymoons even more so! Because whats better than travelling to a new, romantic place with your life partner? Don't be a boring couple though; you know the ones who choose clich destinations for their honeymoon (read: Goa, Paris, Venice; you get our drift, right?). Its time for you to go off the beaten path and visit some unusual honeymoon destinations that you will remember forever! Here are some beautiful places for a romantic getaway with your loved one that are totally offbeat:

1. Lapland, Finland

Seven Safety Tips for Senior Travelers

You don't have to stop traveling just because you're getting older. If anything, it's when you are older that travel means more; a lifetime of knowledge allows you to fully appreciate the new experiences you're having. And, if not for travel, what did you work so hard for all those years?

But being older does often mean that you can't travel the way you used to. We're not talking about upgrading from a hostel to a proper hotel. What we're referring to are physical limitations you might need to work around, as well as the fact that as an older individual you've suddenly become numero uno on a thief's hit list.