Vacation Savings Account

Planning a vacation? B and A Travel Service has the solution

Open a Vacation Savings Account with B and A Travel Service today!

Ready for a vacation?  Or just ready to make travel part of your life, something you’ll do at least once a year? It’s time to consider a Vacation Savings Account (VSA). It’s almost like a Christmas Club – but it’s the travel fund that will keep the credit cards at bay. At B and A Travel Service, your VSA is part of what we can do to help make those travel dreams come true. You can establish your VSA at any time, and a few simple tips will get you on the way to your next vacation!

Set a specific goal. Decide where you want to go, and have some idea of how long you want to stay and what you want to do while you're there.

Set the budget. Now that you know what you want, we’ll figure out how much the trip is going to cost: the price of transportation to your destination, lodging while you're there, the cost of any events you plan to attend, or attractions you'd like to see. Do you want to see a Broadway play? Visit a museum? Swim with dolphins? We’ll help you budget for all of these costs, including any meals, and add a buffer to cover unexpected expenses.

Start saving. Now it’s time to open your B and A Travel Service VSA, an account dedicated to your dream vacation. Invest money every week, twice a month, or monthly—a schedule that makes sense given your income and expenses. Dedicate any "extra" money that comes into your life through windfalls, bonuses, or yard sales to your VSA.

Stay disciplined, and help the VSA grow. When you’re saving for a dream vacation, skip the extra latte, or tickets for a show. Just think of how good relaxing in that Parisian cafe is going to feel.

Enjoy your success! Once you've hit your savings goal, it will be time to go, guilt-free. Live your dream and savor it. You've earned it--through hard, focused work and your VSA.

Establishing a VSA for your dream vacation can help you enjoy the trip even more when you do take it, because you'll be enjoying not only your vacation, but also the pride of having accomplished a goal. Should your dreams change during the time you're saving, no worries. Your VSA is about as flexible a resource as you can have. The money in your VSA for a trip to Paris will be just as well spent on a cruise to the Bahamas. So start a B and A Travel Service VSA today!

VSA- Vacation Savings Account from B and A Travel Service