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16 Hacks That You Need To Know For Your Next Long-Haul Flight

The BuzzFeed Community shared their best long-haul flight hacks. Here are the genius tips.

1. Bring your own snacks:

“I would advise to take some healthy and fresh snacks (carrot sticks anyone?) or some homemade food that’ll make you feel great, and not leave an intense smell at the same time.” —Sara Coelho, Facebook

2. And provide your own drinks:

“After throwing up on multiple flights I found that taking lots of your own drinks and snacks with you help a ton. (Vitamin water is a must.)” —gabbyg12

Healthy (TSA Approved) Carry-On Snack Alternatives

There are plenty of healthy snacks you can pack in your carry-on bag that are TSA approved which will help combat some of the negative effects of long haul flights. You might be surprised what you can actually bring on board with you these days.

Air travel can be particularly rough on the body. The farther you fly, the rougher the affects. Jet lag, bloat, dry skin, the list goes on. But all of that pales in comparison to the excitement of new adventures. The worst thing you can do is arrive more bloated and jetlagged than necessary.

Winter Cruising In The Med: Chilly But No Crowds

A few weeks ago, I left Asheville, North Carolina, for Venice, Italy. Up to 18 inches of snow had blanketed the North Carolina mountains in the days preceding my flight. I was lucky to get out, connecting via Atlanta and Rome to Venice.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of a winter cruise around the boot of Italy. In December, I sailed Silver Spirit from Monte Carlo to Barcelona. Weather was chilly, but not bone-chilling cold.  On such a short cruise, we had little time to take in the shoreside attractions, so my experience was limited to the ship. The Venice trip would be different. We would have time ashore in Venice, Naples and Florence on the four-night cruise to Savona.

Winter Cruise Destinations: Set Sail for Warmer Weather

Once the temperature starts dropping, some people hop on a cruise for a relaxing escape to sun and sand in popular destinations such as the Caribbean and Bahamas. Others sail on exotic adventures to the Southern Hemisphere (including Australia, New Zealand, southern parts of Africa and most of South America), where our winter is their summer.

Short cruises give you a nice break from snow and cold temperatures. Longer itineraries let you escape the winter blues for several weeks, a month or more. On multi-month World Cruises you can avoid winter altogether as you head to "Bucket List" destinations around the world.