Destination Wedding Tips


Be Creative

A destination wedding really opens up some possibilities. Simply by having a destination wedding, you're not doing the conventional. You've already altered people's expectations, so you might be less likely to feel bound to a traditional wedding template. And if your setting is particularly nice, you may be able to simplify other aspects of your wedding. For example, get married in a beautiful historic inn, which may not need additional decoration or flowers.  Have a tropical beach wedding in Jamaica where the natural flowers and outdoor setting are so beautiful, just having a bride and groom and officiant is perfect. Whether you choose to simplify or not, do feel free to rethink some of the typical wedding traditions.

Send a "Save the Date"

If you are inviting guests, consider a "Save the Date" card or letter. Invitations to traditional weddings are typically sent 4-6 weeks before the event. For a destination wedding additional notice is not only helpful, it is essential for the best rates. Your guests might also need to make arrangements with work or school to insure time to better enjoy the special place you've chosen. In some areas, accommodations fill up way in advance. For all of these reasons, you should consider getting in touch with your guests early. A friendly little form letter or postcard with the location and date will do nicely. If you've begun to set up accommodations, include that information too, along with any other travel information including the name and phone number of the person or company handling the arrangements for you.

Let Some Things Go

Ideally, this destination wedding should be a vacation for you, too. Don't get so caught up in little details that you can't enjoy the weekend in a special place. Figure out what's important to you, and don't sweat the small stuff. That will free you up to sightsee, relax, play, and enjoy time with your guests.