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 Destination Weddings Are In!

Destination Weddings are an appealing option if you want to do something different, have an intimate ceremony or just get away to a beautiful location. It might be just the two of you, or you might include a group of friends and family to share in the experience. Plus a destination wedding can be far less expensive than a traditional event, depending on your travel costs. You’ll find your money is going towards an entire vacation of memories in a great location, instead of one afternoon in a reception hall. Having a destination wedding can be the best wedding-related decision you can make! Your guests will enjoy a vacation along with you, and you will get many "thanks" for doing something fun and different.

Vicki Beckman of B and A Travel Service says, “All of our clients who have been married at a resort destination recommend it highly! Having a destination wedding is a lot of fun. It is a decision you’ll never regret!”

Planning a destination wedding can present some unique challenges. Let our Destination Wedding Specialists take care of all the details: from flight arrangements and transfers, to all of the paperwork and legal documents required for marriage and travel. Destinations can have different residency requirements, require specific documentation, or substantial medical tests. These hurdles can make planning a wedding from far away a hassle. Professional Destination Wedding Specialists know what places have workable marriage laws, and use a wealth of information to help you decide the best wedding location for your budget.

Joyce Jewett, with B and A Travel Service in Marion will tell you, “We can assist you in choosing the resort or destination that is best for you and if you choose, your guests.  Some resorts will even provide a FREE WEDDING for the bride and groom.  We have the contacts and the expertise to arrange your dream wedding anywhere in the world. Once the location is chosen the ONLY thing you have to do is to pack your bags!”

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